Want to understand the UI Flow of Frappe

I work in UX Company , I want to add some UX value to the frappe framework. But I am unable to understand the UI flow of Frappe framework . So can u help me to understand the UI flow in the frappe framework. How it connects the ERPNext into the Frappe framework. So I and my company will add some value to the Frappe Framework

I think go through this App Development tutorial. It is a good start and also go through User Manuals. After this if you have any specific questions you may ask again.


Can u explain me how does they dynamically creating the website pages in the ERPNext

@pruthiviraj: please go through http://frappe.github.io/frappe/user/en/guides/portal-development/ to understand more on Website/portal architecture behind Frappe

@pruthiviraj You can also check out the hands-on developer webinar on how you create Frappe portals.


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I want know what is architecture behind the page redirecting and the page loading in the frappe ?

It is unclear whether you refer to understanding web portals or Frappe apps. The beginner tutorials suggested by @KanchanChauhan cover both and are excellent starting points.
Instead of an overall broad question, it would be great if you check out the resources and let us know any specific part that you want to better understand :slight_smile:

I think they want to know how routing works and how views are generated. I don’t know the answer, but maybe someone can help.

But, I agree that it would be better if it @pruthiviraj specifies what exactly they are trying to accomplish

Actually we are trying to add over own designed html and we want to add more function to the page in frappe. But we don’t know the how the page is loading and how the redirection page loads in browser. When i click a link it calls an frappe API in the response the html page is in a string format . So i want know that from where API is being call and how the response is being used to generate the html template

Frappe uses jinja template to render the interface, look at the code for different interface components in here to see how they were rendered