Want to use existing database for new site and within team of developers to collaborate on the same

Hi all,

I have use-case where I am creating one app on which multiple developer from my team should be able to work at the same time.

In this case, I know I can commit only custom app and maintain it separately.
My question is regarding database and site.
Developers for this project, should be able to work using same database.

So, my questions are:

  1. can we create new site by providing existing database (remotely created database)?
    FYI: I am trying to do this with options passing while new-site but bench is giving this error: f"Database {db_name} already exists"

  2. how other people can use this same database?

  3. how other people can use the same site name and configuration?

  4. OR is it require to have same site with same database?

  5. OR can different people create different site name and can use the same database? IF yes, will it be any complexity while doing development in future?

Thank you in advance for help.

Hi @milankamboya:

What about restoring database backup? Just create the site and restore it.

Check bench backup, bench restore and bench partial-restore docs


Other way could be using remote database setup.
Just change your site_config.json . Check this:

Hope this helps.

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hi @avc

would it be possible for you to connect online for 15-30 mins and have discussion on few queries?
I would be able to explain in detail on call.


Hi @milankamboya:

Glad to be helpful here, but Iā€™m not avaliable for private support services.

Please check Frappe partner list:

Or use this channel:

thank you. will check it.