Want to view only child table data

i have already data in child table and i pull this child table with data in another table. but problem is i don’t want to insert child table data again. just want to view only. and insert its id.

Let say about hierarchy of table in this issue.

  1. Appraisal(parent table).
  2. Appraisal Work Plan(parent table)
  3. Appraisal Plan Goal(child table).

Appraisal Plan Goal(child table) is link with Appraisal Work Plan(parent table) and insert data also.

Now i pull this Appraisal Work Plan(parent table) transaction to Appraisal (parent table). so when i save Appraisal, it show below error.

Appraisal Plan Goal is child table and have data. it say WEEW is duplicate.

and APRSL000006 is also auto number. it say ready exists