Wanted: Maintainers!

my github ID : piratedkhan
I am CEO of IT industry focused company or in other words we are software consultants and service provider.
My expertise are in User experience and design.

I will be glade to help.

Awesome. Best way to go forward:

  1. Use ERPNext
  2. Get more users
  3. Report issues
  4. Help other users
  5. Contribute translations
  6. Propose features
  7. Propose design changes
  8. Contribute fixes
  9. Contribute features

I’d like to help as a maintainer for GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps. I’ve seen many issues that need labeling (beside my own :smile:) and/or could be closed for now.

My GitHub Profile: https://github.com/DRogue1337