Wanted: Maintainers!

Dear all,

We have already started giving write access to the core repos (frappe and erpnext) to users. If you have a reputation and are willing to help a bit please do!

You can:

  1. Review feature requests
  2. Help plan milestones
  3. Assign issues
  4. Make new issues, group them by adding labels
  5. Review pull requests

The goal is to expand the process of maintaining and manage the project to a lot more people.

You can take leadership in your area of expertise (say manufacturing) and start groups, tagging, issues. Ask for detailed specs, review the specs, then plan the milestone for execution.

Just reply to this post if you want to take this up!


You can count on DigiThinkIT to help. :slight_smile:

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@Eric_Delisle awesome, who should I add? Can you share the GitHub Ids?

Hey Rushabh!

Felipe here, as Eric said we would be happy to help. My github account id is: forellana-digithinkit

Let me know if you need anything else


Thank you Rushabh for trusting us!

I got access just a few minutes ago. Any thoughts about a primer for new maintainers? what to look for and where to get started? I don’t want to jump in and step on anyones toes in case you already have a way to organize who reviews what.

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Happy to help Rushabh. I have an interest in making improvements to accounting and some other modules. Id is manqala

I can dive into data-model, flow. Maybe some work on potential datawarehouse module, BI concept?

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I would be happy to help with this. I think I could contribute to the Manufacturing module most - I’ve already added to that and can see a lot of opportunities for that area to improve.

Username is: bcornwellmott

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@Ben_Cornwell_Mott, @Chude_Osiegbu added you as maintainers.

Please add a profile pic to your GitHub account. It really helps :slight_smile:

@slawekk what is your GitHub Id? Have you sent any patches yet?

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Hello @rmehta I think I can help with the project my github email is ccfiel@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!


My id: slawekkurpiewski
@rmehta: I’ve never participated in the opencource project. Frappe / ERPNext too. Never.
What can I say?
I work much more than> 1,000,000,000.00 records. Daily > 500,000.00 records?
I know what is the discipline of data!!!

I think about ERPNext - one of the favorite business system … in 2020!
Thats all.



We can definitely assist in this especially in making ERPNext more relevant to food companies.

GitHub ID is alimalkhalifa

See you in the hangout!


If you are still recruiting I will like to help with PoS Module.

id is olamide2

Hello Rushabh

First I tried ERPNext yesterday and have to say it’s the most intuitive ERP i have ever seen.( I have been in SAP for 10 yrs so :slight_smile: )

I’m really excited about ERPNext and want to join the project long time in improving it.
I have been doing opensource work for some time trying to write DB extensions in Python and Java projects

My Github handle is ranjanprj

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@ranjanprj @alimalkhalifa @olamide_shodunke welcome to the forum! Would love to get as much help as we can get.

What kind of experience do you have?

I work in two simultaneous industries, IT and Food Distribution.

In terms of ERP:

Up until 2014, my company was an Oracle ERP implementer, and is still an Oracle Partner
From 2013, we had implemented Odoo in house for our group of companies.
In 2016, we are in progress of our first ERPNext implementation for our food distribution company

In terms of the IT company:

Systems implementation
Development focused on the CyberSec field.
Our current project: analyz.io

All those projects are developed through Git (we have an internal Gitlab)

In terms of food domain:

We do food distribution and whole sale
Fleet of vehicles (vehicle routing as a future development, please!)
Supply chain (More support for in-transit tracking, please!)

And we can advise on how to develop ERPNext to better suit a food distributor and/or retailer.


I am in the Retail Support Industry, I run a company (PristineAssets Lt) that is one of the top retail support companies in Nigeria).

We are the Nigerian Business Partner for Retail Pro retail management solution, Our biggest install of this solution has 72 stores and 192 tills in total.

I know Point of Sale very well from a functional and implementation perspective, I do not code.

I am also a chartered accountant and quite conversant with accounting and accounting solutions, also from an implementation and functional perspective. I have been doing this for 8 years

I have 10 years exp primarily in SAP, I have mostly developed in Java, but have been doing/participating OpenSource projects in Python and JQuery among them in whatever capacity I can.

I have worked for many large scale customers for their custom requirements primarily in areas of CRM. I will be happy to contribute to CRM module of ERPNext to begin with and then to the core modules as I get to understand more.