Wards and rooms setup in healthcare Domain

unable to find wards and rooms setup in healthcare Domain

For now, in-patient module is not available in ERPNext. Would be you interested in contributing it?


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Most features related to inpatient management are already merged. There is one PR with some redesigns in the billing workflow which is yet to be merged. I could also see all the recent additions in the staging branch.

Unlike our earlier implementation, Wards, beds etc can now be mapped using Healthcare Service Unit document. Documentation underway.

Hope this helps, thanks!


Am looking forward to that PR

Where can we find documentation and or video on implementing wards, beds etc using Healthcare Service Unit?

Dah. Should be able to finish it through this weekend, thanks for the push :wink:
And yes, a webinar is in the plan.

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Checking in… how are we doing with this feature? Beds, wards, etc. Also on insurance

Here is the PR for documentation, v11 features including ward, bed management, should be merged soon. Insurance is under development, would be great if you could share insurance related workflows, will try to keep it as generic as possible.