Warehouse abbr did not update after updating in accounts

How do you update the warehouse abbr? I updated in accounts, but it did not update across warehouses as well.


Did you change Abbreviation in the Company master? Once changed there, it should update Abbreviation for all the Warehouses and Accounts.


I updated the Abbr it in Setup > Company (Master?), and it is properly reflected in Accounts > Company. However, it is not updated in Stock > Warehouse, which still has the auto-generated original Abbr in it name. The parent account of the Warehouse, Stock Assets, did update correctly.

For example:

Warehouse Name: Work In Progress - NSDRD
Warehouse Parent Account: Stock Assets - NAYAGRA

Issue replicating. Sorry for the issue, and thanks for reporting it here. Changing abbreviation from Company had effect on CoA, but not on Warehouses. Instead, I received this error message.

I have also created Github Issue for the problem, so that it can be assigned and development can be tracked.