Warehouse actual qty not updating after purchase receipts


for some reason the ‘Stock Projected Qty’ window is not updating the Actual Qty column after a purchase receipt. I’m pretty sure I’m missing a setup or something but I don’t know what it is :frowning:

this is what I have.

I created only one warehouse, then I created the initial inventory (qty 9) using the ‘new stock reconciliation’ form.

this is how the inventory looks like in Stock Projected Qty window (see in red)

then I created a purchase order for that item for quantity 1

then I ran a Stock Projected Qty and I can see the requested qty 1

then I did the ‘purchase receipt’, ran again ‘Stock Projected Qty’ and the quantity 1 that I receipted is not updated

the weird thing is that if I run the Stock Balance for a period of time I can see the receipt qty 1

hopefully anyone can help me to see my mistake, thanks for your help,

found the problem, the initial ‘stock reconciliation’ I did was with a date in the future, somehow it made ERPNext glitch, after fixing that everything started working fine.


What date did you put for the fix

in Posting Date field, I changed from the future date to a date in the past, in this case ‘5-16-2019’