Warehouse and two subinventories....each subinventory having different Average Cost for same item

I have created a Warehouse, and divided the Warehouse into 2 subinventories.

Now the problem is, the same item is having unique Average Costs in each Subinventory. Ideally, for the whole warehouse, there should only be one common average cost.

How to correct this issue.

Dude: What is a Subinventory? How did you set it up on ERPNext? I googled the terms ERPNext and subinventory and all I could see is your posts.



In a physical warehouse, it’s divided into Sub Areas, and each Sub Areas can have Row/Rack/Bin concept.

In ERPNext using the Is Group concept, we can configure this.

In ERP such Oracle, you have these concepts.

Okay, you are saying you added a Group in the Warehouse tree. And under the tree you added two Warehouses. I think ERPNext treats these two “subinventories” as separate warehouses and will calculate the valuation of the items in each warehouse separately.

I know this doesn’t help, but the way you’ve implemented this, ERPNext is not designed to support the outcomes you need.