Warehouse Bin System

I see the Bin DocType, however I am not able to create a new bin.

Has the bin system been implemented? Has it moved to master yet?

Appreciate your help.



Bin Doctype is used to keep stock for an item and a new line in the table is created on stock transactions, what you need to do?

So this is not the system for identifying where a particular item is stored and generating a pick list?

What I need is that: A system to identify where a particular item is stored in a warehouse, so that a pick list can be generated for a transaction involving stock movement.



Yeah you can use to identify: Item/Stock/Warehouse …what i mean is that it’s generated automatically on first stock transaction, you don’t need to create one.

i.e. you’ve a purchase receipt for item 1, and it’s the first stock transaction, at that point a new row in Bin table is created based on that transaction for the Item, Warehouse, Stock in Purchase Receipt

*I mean like let’s say there is a warehouse that has thousands of items. Let’s say they incorporate a Racking and a Bin System. So there are Aisles and then Racks and finally bins. So let’s say I have an item X. To pick items X you need to go to Aisle 3, Rack 6 and Bin 32.

Now this whole thing needs to be assigned and it is possible to conceive that an organization may have multiple warehouses, so this Aisle, Rack and Bin Designation may have to be warehouse specific.

Has somebody already developed something like this, or do I need to start from scratch?



If its a single location, doing this using the Warehouse Tree would be feasible. Doing this at multiple locations with the Tree is also feasible. Warehouse is actually a misnomer - a general “Location” is more apt.

The main issue I can envision is permissions.

Ah ok, i got you now …as far as i know actually ERPNext has Aisle, Rack, Bin management …Bin table it used to keep stock related info like Actual, Ordered, valuation etc …not locating SKU position in warehouse

Hello All,
Is there any update on bin management system?


This recent post notes open source systems exist but does not list specific products for consideration

Nicole: We have a RARB - Room, Aisle, Rack, Bin system designed. What it does is that it doesn’t treat the Bins as separate warehouses, but in the Item Master it makes you specify the RARB Number for the item (you could use multiple RARBs for the same item if you need more than one bin to store quantities of the item), and when you do an inbound stock transaction it generates a Put List and when you make an outbound stock transaction, it generates a Pick List.

Does that work for you?




Is this contributed?

Actually, it seems like for the companies I work with, it is a good idea, but I haven’t progressed along the implementation with any of my clients to reach this level of sophistication to even test the concept out. So, I’m happy to flesh out the concept with an appropriate volunteer company, fine tune it, make it work on the shop floor and begin the parallel process of doing a pull request.

@nicole: IS that volunteer you? Or your organization? :slight_smile:



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Count me in @JayRam

@Sam_NAVARRO: Thanks for volunteering.

This is how we have designed it:

There are two types of Room, Aisle, Rack, Bin (RARB) we have conceptualized -

  1. Predetermined RARB (typically for items that have a predictable size and shape and quantities)
  2. On-the-fly RARB for items that do not have a predictable shape or size

Here’s how it works:

First you have to specify which of your Warehouses follow the Room, Aisle, Rack, Bin (RARB) system. Let’s focus on the Predetermined RARB for now.
Then you have to specify the number of rooms, aisles, racks and bins. You cannot say that room 1 has 5 Aisles, but Room 2 has 8. We suggest that you use the highest number. You can leave whole Aisles, Racks and Bins inactive, though.
Then you get ERPNext to generate the Unique RARB numbers.
Then you need to nail down the RARB numbers that the Items are placed in. You can keep the same item in multiple Bins though.

Now you are ready.

One thing you need to know though: This version will not generate the RARB number in the Stock Balance report. This is significant for especially the same items that you are using multiple bins for as the system will not tell the picker or the putter (okay bad word) which Bin to pick from or put the item at. So the Picker has to try one of the bins, if that’s empty s/he has the try the next and so on. Similarly for putting (try not to think of golf), if the bin is full the user has to find the next bin.

But you do get a Pick List and a Put List (it’s a print format) to help users achieve this.

Does this sound okay to you? Is it enough to begin? Or are there any show stoppers that we have to build?



Hi @JayRam
I would like to discuss more of your bin system. I already elaborate something on my side for pickings.
I still have issues on productivity (steps that slowing down the process).
Perhaps can we do a Skype meeting to discuss further and share more our process.
Will be great if more people can join. I believe that more brains are better than one.

Sure. Sam. When’s a good time for you. I’m based in India. We can set up the schedule and publish the time and all interested people are welcome to join.

Does that sound okay to you?



What do you think on Wednesday at 2 pm in New Delhi?

I can create a new post about this and invite people who might be interested from previous similar posts.

Can do Friday.



Hello @JayRam

Good concepts but how will this impact on stock counts? Will this have to be done bin by bin ?


@JayRam so Friday 2pm India - New Delhi time?
@olamide_shodunke want to join?