Warehouse Capacity Limit

Good Day Everyone.

Does ERPNext has the feature of a Limited Warehouse Capacity?
I wish to activate this feature, where it would keep track of the vacancy of the Warehouse.

Case Scenario:
I Bought a shipment of crates, and I want to find out which of my warehouses has the capacity to store my shipment before sending it to the Warehouse.

Q: If one the warehouses does not have enough vacancy, Could I divide the quantity of the procured Item between more than 1 Warehouse?

Q: If the feature works, Would it alert me like the Re-order Level, that the warehouse has reached its capacity?


Here is The GitHub Link:


Any Update?
I need this also

Good opportunity to contribute. It will be a good generic feature. Maybe suggest some design and try contributing.

Hi Mohammed,
There’s a Putaway feature planned for V13 that could be a good building block for this…You can check the details here -[Feature Testing] [Version 13] Putaway