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Greetings ERPNext community :wave:

I have been developing a provision for Putaway in ERPNext and would love to get your feedback on it. Before that, let’s understand its concept first.

What is Putaway ?

  • Putaway is the process of assigning storage locations to stock that enters your Warehouse/Location.
  • The stock arrives at your Warehouse/Location and you are suggested where to store it, automatically. You can look at it as the opposite of a Pick List.
  • This is particularly useful when locations within a large Warehouse are tracked separately and each location has its own capacity.
  • A Putaway strategy or rule forms the basis of this operation.

Where is this applicable in ERPNext ?

  • Putaway Rules are applicable when you are receiving stock i.e. in Purchase Receipt and Stock Entry
  • As of now Putaway is only applicable on the following Stock Entry types : Material Receipt and Material Transfer

How do I strategise Putaways in ERPNext ?

A Putaway strategy or rule forms the basis of this operation.

Keeping this in mind, ERPNext has a DocType called Putaway Rule.

  • You can go over to Stock > Stock Transaction > Putaway Rule via desk or search for “Putaway Rule” in the awesomebar.
  • Create a new rule that is recorded company-wise.
  • You must set a capacity here. The UOM field is optional.
  • You can also assign priorities to your rules, with the highest priority being 1.
  • The rule is unique to each Item-Warehouse combination.

Now that you have created rules for your Items and Warehouse, the last step is applying the rule.

Wait, what Putaway strategy does ERPNext consider ?

  • Here the strategy is purely based on Capacity and Priority.
  • Warehouses will be auto assigned until they reach full capacity.
  • Priority will be considered first. Followed by free space. When two rules have the same priority, the one with more free space available will be assigned.
  • If you are running at full capacity (no free space in any Warehouse) you will be prompted the same.

How and where are these rules applied ?

  • If you head over to a Purchase Receipt or Stock Entry (of type Material Receipt/Transfer) you will see a checkbox called ‘Apply Putaway Rule’

  • After adding items to the Items table, you can check this checkbox and the Items will be auto-assigned to Warehouses based on your Putaway Rules.

  • The rules are applied on Save as well if Apply Putaway Rule is enabled.

The Pull Request for this feature is open on Github. You can find a working GIF and explore some more features on the Pull Request.

Can I test it ?

Yes! You can pull this fork in your local instance and migrate your site.

If you don’t know what i said here :point_up_2: or don’t want to do it, you can test it on the public site. Follow these steps:

Please feel free to give feedback in the thread below.

Edit: Login is more frictionless now.


Update: The test user will be suspended from today. I will continue with internal testing and get this merged. Thanks to the members that engaged.

Thanks a lot @marination

This is a very good addition to the features in the Stock module. Hopefully the team can look at adding a Stock Counting feature very soon too

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@wale Any github Issue link explaining the same ? We’d love to know more and think it over. It’d be great if you shared a Github ticket !

Is it possible to export and import putaway rules using csv files so that they can be set up more quickly for a first install?

Thank you for this feature.

@pss Yes it is possible. Putaway Rule is a doctype like any other, you can import records using Data Import.