Warehouse creation does not create Accounts

When I create a Warehouse, an Account should be created with same name.
But the Account is not created when warehouse is created.

ERPNext : v8.x.x-beta (ddd4845) (develop)
Frappe : v8.x.x-beta (8eedcda) (develop)

Same issue in versions,
ERPNext: v8.2.4 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.2.7 (master)



Account is not created on Warehouse creation you will need to manually set the account in the Warehouse

Is this changed? before it used to create account.

Any link to refer to? thanks

Yes, it has been changed. Now, account is entered in the warehouse.

In the new design, it is not necessary to have an account for every individual warehouse. You can have a common account and you can mention that in the root warehouse (All Warehouses) or in the company. You can also link account to the group warehouse.

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OK thanks.