Warehouse field get disappeared


Warehouse field and serial no field are suddenly disappeared. I’ve checked via customize form for permission etc…all is okay but it doesn’t come up when adding sales invoice item. Can anybody help what caused this?


I think it’s becaused I’d ever changed warehouse field from link type to data type…but I’ve already reset it to default…but still doesn’t work. It’s still hide…

I run bench update, bench migrate, bench restart but still stuck…No error come up…The warehouse field and serialno field are just ‘disappered’ / hidden.

Can anybody help?

Hi @jof2jc,
please check the option field.at the time of reset you have define option field or not?if not define the option and save it changes and try bench update.

Sagar Shiragawakar
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd,

@sagar Option field is Warehouse. Run bench update but the field still not showing… No error on console…
Any clues?

@jof2jc please share the error console.

@sagar No error on console… I’ve checked all permission setting seems fine. What may cause the fields not showing?

Read-only fields are hidden if they are blank

Warehouse and serial no is shown only if “Update Stock” is checked.

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THanks @nabinhait. I didn’t realize this Update Stock option :grin: