Warehouse for Buying while for Selling should be another

Dear all,

I have the following scenario:

Default warehouse is CENTRAL WAREHOUSE
All purchases will go default to this Default warehouse…
But now when selling the Warehouse to use is WAREHOUSE 1

Should’t we have a setting on Sales Invoice selling warehouse (or something) so that all sells are to be taken from… instead of using the DEFAULT WAREHOUSE???

Otherwise i have to always change the Warehouse when selling or change the Default Warehouse to my WAREHOUSE 1 but alert the user that whenever buying material the warehouse for incoming should be CENTRAL WAREHOUSE.

In POS it works fine as you select on the user Profile the default Warehouse…


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You can set Default value of the Warehouse field in Sales Order / Invoice Item.

Same can be done for Purchase documents like Purchase order and Invoice.

Please try Customize Form on those child doctypes and see if you get the result.

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Thanks but you cannot set default there as the default is under stocks…
You can change the warehouse per items on sales invoice, order and purchase which is not my ideia…
By having a default warehouse (stocks) will be and can be used for all purchased material or could be the other way around and set under buying a default warehouse (incoming material).

I believe many came across this where they have the default warehouse set for selling material and when buying/purchasing they have to select a different warehouse and of the user is not paying attention will just add the material to the default one.

I’m configuring a similar scenario, for now my workaround is using Auto Reorder. So the system generates purchase Material Requests with the right Warehouse

My warehouse setup is as follows:

Stock > Warehouses

  1. Distribution Warehouse - Group
    a. Central Warehouse - Leaf
  2. Selling / Retail Warehouse - Group
    a. Retail Store Warehouse - Leaf

Item > Auto Reorder

Check in: Distribution WH
Request For: Central WH
Re-order Level: 1000
Re-order Qty: 5000
Type: Purchase

Item > Default Sales WH = Retail Store

Hope it helps.

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@adam26d thanks for your scenario.
That can be applied.

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