Warehouse for reserving items


I tried searching for this before creating a new topic because I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, but I couldn’t really find much on it. Although I can kinda guess from the name, what exactly does the “Warehouse for reserving items” field do on the Production Order document and how do I enable it?



@corbincavolt I guess its automatically set based on the Sales Order of the Production Order, to update the reserved quantity. I think it needs to be named in a better way!

@rmehta I ended up making an issue on GitHub about this because I dug into the code and it looks like it’s just the description for the “Source Warehouse” field (it’s positioning and font are kinda misleading for a description), although I could definitely be wrong. I notice that when I’m on the iOS mobile app, it doesn’t even show up (perhaps descriptions don’t show up in the mobile app?).