Warehouse for Sub-Contracting

We are sending materials to sub contracting. In order to make subcontracting first im creating a Sub-Contracting purchase order for the sub contractor. Then iam creating stock entry with the purpose of “Sub Contracting” to sending the materials to the subcontractors.

While creating stock entry it requires the default target warehouse. If i create my sub-contractor name as default target warehouse, it giving a message “Duplicate name Account XXXX” , “Warehouse XXXX already exists”.

I understood the name is already exists in Supplier master (We don’t have separate master for Sub contractors). So system is not allowing to create the same name in warehouse. The reason why i am creating our supplier name in warehouse is that we can check our supplier wise stock balance details in “Stock Balance” report itself.

So please advice me to create warehouse for sub contractors.


Please create Warehouse for sub-contractor with little different name as in Supplier master. Since system needs to create accounting ledger for both Supplier and Warehouse, due to same value, it is showing duplication error.