Warehouse hiding fields

Customers have remote access to their warehouse details but complain about it being too complicated. They only to know the line item name and the quantity. Is there any way to hide all the other columns in the warehouse so they only see what is needed.

You can try to handle this by permissions & roles

Thanks Pawan. Permissions & roles I think allows access to certain areas but we want to modify the view within an area. Example: a customer needs live access to see what stock we hold for them. We have given permissions to view their own Stock Balance but are frustrated with all the other columns on view. In ERP they only want to see column 2 and column 15 (way of to the side out of view). We now have to export the data and import into Google Sheets and delete all the unnecessary columns for them to access online. We will probably have to get another program to handle Inventory but would prefer to keep it with ERP. Screenshot samples are attached. Warwick

You could do a custom script report and hide the necessary columns and give them access.