Warehouse in POS Profile not fetched to Sales Invoice

I’m having an issue since updated to v10.1.18.

Sometimes bugs affects only to languages different to english. It’s not fetching the Warehouse in POS Profile to Warehouse in Packed Items on Sales Invoice.


Well, I have seen this in v10 English as well. My client managed to click the right combinations of thing in just the wrong order and had a sales invoice with a known good POS profile and no warehouse to pull inventory. She also managed to do something similar and get the sales invoice to pull from a warehouse different from the one in the POS profile.

Than is why I was trying to get the Warehouse to be displayed on the Sales Invoice. My client is still demanding that I find a way to do this because she lost confidence in the sales invoice screen after having to manually straighten out the stock mess it allowed. I may have to pay for that as a custom very shortly.

So, I will confirm it is possible, but I have no idea how it happens.


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