Warehouse in POS Profile - Only Allows Non Groups

I’m using ERPNext v15.14.3 and I’m trying to setup a POS Profile however on the warehouse it seems to be excluding all non group warehouses. I have a single warehouse which I’ve called Stores and under that I have about 12 sub areas which I’ve set up as child group warehouses of stores and then with each of these are actual physical stock locations where stock is stored and therefore all non group warehouses.

When I try to set up the profile I am unable to find Stores or any of my warehouses that are set up as group. Indeed when I try to search for stores I see that some filtering is being applied which reads:

Filters applied for Company in, My Company Name, Is Group Warehouse = No

That seems to suggest to me that Group Warehouses are being specifically filtered out. Surely that can’t be right?

I’ve open the customise on the POS Profile and in the Warehouse field on that DocType if I scroll down through properties I can see nothing that seems to apply that filtering so I’m confused as to why I’m seeing this. Am I misunderstanding something?

which says suggest that Group Warehouses

Hi @nudna,

Let me simplify this for you. We’re talking about where we store items: either in the Group warehouse or the Non-Group warehouse. Since we’re storing items in the Non-Group warehouse, the point of sale (POS) profile will only display the Non-Group Warehouse filter. I understand your idea and the concept behind it, but the feature you’re suggesting isn’t available yet. I know you want to set up a group warehouse, but the issue is figuring out how to tell the POS system which warehouse to deduct stock from. It’s a complex problem from my perspective.

Thank You!


My structure looks like this:

All Warehouse Locations:
    Stores (single warehouse location - set as group)
         Downstairs (child group warehouse)
         Showroom (child group)
          Upstairs A (child group)
          Upstairs J (child group)

Stores is one warehouse. The groups below it are simply areas within the warehouse so that stock is easier to find first by knowing what area it is in and then using the specific location within that area to find the stock item.

As all the stock are located in one building and that building, identified as Stores, is in the same location as the shop then choosing Stores as the Warehouse seems totally logical to me and I don’t understand the issue with if one item of stock is located in several places due to the number of units we are holding as they are all the same building just give me a location that has stock or combination if not enough is held in either location.

Have I completely misunderstood how warehousing works? How should I structure everything given the above current structure so that all my stock is available for purchase in the retail unit as we only have one shop and all the warehousing is out the back and above the shop and above the shop next door.

If I had physically separate warehouses then I’d expect a structure like this:

All Group Warehouses
      Location 1 Stores
           Sub Location 1
                Stock Bin
      Location 2 Stores
            Sub Location 1
                  Stock Bin
      Location 3 Stores
             Sub Location 1
                   Stock Bin

I can understand if my shop is located in the same building as Location 1 then I shouldn’t see stock in location 2 or 3 (or at least not be able to select for a customer stood in front of me. I might be allowed to initiate a transfer from another location to this location and tell the customer to call back in a couple of days to collect but that’s not important for this discussion).

However if my retail store holds stock and that retail store and that store is the same physical location as the Location 1 store then I should be able to select Location 1. That’s at least how I’ve interpreted everything but clearly that’s not what is happening as I can’t select Stores or any of the child group warehouses under Stores. I can only select non group locations which are simply a single stock bin location which is useless as it only holds one item so I’d only be allowed to sell one item. So clearly I’ve something wrong in my head because that can’t be the intent.

Here’s a screenshot of that Warehouse Setup as regards Groups and Sub Groups: