Warehouse Inventory management

Hi Guys,

I want to handle to Warehouse Inventory using the ERPnext. I’m looking into all the stock Erpnext>>Stock options.

Is there any option to record the Advance shipment Notification(ASN) from the client into the ERPnext?

I need to get all the ASN information from a web form. Is there any option in the ERPnext to handle that?

Please confirm.

Out of the box, you could use the PO - Purchase Order??

@Sikander_Dhaliwal sorry to hijack your topic in some way. I am trying to get a little more attention to a funding campaign some community members are trying to get off the ground which aims at adding a sub/parent-warehouse feature to ERPNext.

As you are currently dealing with warehouse functionality you will benefit from such a feature greatly I am convinced. Please feel free to check the related topic and add some funds on this from your side here. Minimum contribution is as low as $15

Or maybe you are a talented developer and want to code this