Warehouse parent


I need HELP. Is it possible that in the SALES ORDER in the ITEM LIST, that only PARENTS WAREHOUSE will only appear in the selection ?

example: i have 4 warehouse
and this warehouse have multiple location

Warehouse A
Location 1
Location 2
Warehouse B
Location 3
Warehouse C

in the Sales Order, i only want that warehouse A,B,C,D only will appear not the sub warehouse.

Thank you

I don’t think this is feasible as if you make a delivery note downstream, the stock needs to be updated in the child warehouses.

hello @Pawan, Yes But in the Delivery Note All Sub warehouse connected to the Parent or Main warehouse will Show/ Appear. Only in the Sales Order delivery I want that All Parent Warehouse will only Appear.

Can i possible do that? :slight_smile: Please help.

onload: function(frm) {
	erpnext.queries.setup_queries(frm, "Warehouse", function() {
		return erpnext.queries.warehouse(frm.doc);

Try to override this code present in sales_order.js via custom script on your installation.