Warehouse Picking UI

Hi All,

We’re exploring options for the warehouse picking aspect of our business using ERPNext. Particularly the process of assigning a pick list to a warehouse picker, followed by them scanning the relevant items for goods out (material transfer to factory).

Just wanted to throw out our requirements to see if anyone has encountered our use case before and may be able to suggest a solution;

  1. Pick list is generated (likely from BOM)
  2. Warehouse manager assigns pick list to warehouse picker
  3. Warehouse picker receives pick list with item locations
  4. Warehouse picker scans items (ideally QR codes) for dispatch
  5. Items transferred to factory

The UI for ERPNext is great for anyone sat at a desktop, though it doesn’t really suit for pickers who want a quick way of identifying & scanning items.

Is there any existing 3rd party solutions or plugins that cater for this? Essentially a touch ready UI which is just for accessing pick lists and scanning QR/bar codes for the items. Ideally it would have user accounts, with just the relevant assigned pick lists appeared in the user’s “home page”.

Hope this makes sense. If there’s any more information I can provide please let me know.

Appreciate your help.

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