Warehouse serial number

Is there a menu or settings for us to see what is the serial number of that product within that warehouse

for example :

Warehouse A , items: Cook Serial Number A001
Serial Number A003
Serial Number A004
Warehouse B , items: Books Serial Number B001
Serial Number B003
Serial Number B004

I think, You have to use the Document Naming Rule. so try it.

  • You use this when you want to name documents based on conditions.
  • Example: If the priority is high, you want the series to start with “HIGH”. If the priority is low, the series starts with “LOW”. You create a naming rule that checks the priority field. If it’s high, the document name might be “HIGH-0001”. If it’s low, the document name might be “LOW-0001”.

i think i expected more of a report rather than changing the name , something like the stock summary but also show the serial number / batch number rather than just the quantity