Warehouses and Items

Hello, I am trying to find a way to use ERPnext to keep track of my trucking loads. I am using the warehouses as US cities and the item as a truck container and transferring from warehouse to warehouse. Is this the best way to go about this? I also need to customize so that I do not need purchase orders/receipts for the truck containers, as I am not purchasing any stock/materials and only moving stock from one warehouse to another. New to ERPnext and any advice is appreciated. Thanks

Stock > Stock Entry
Stock Entry Type → Material Transfer
Enter your trucks in the item grid
Source Warehouse | Destination Warehouse | Item

Thank you for your response. This is what I am currently doing, but is there a way I can relate the material transfers to a customer and create an invoice to that customer for the material transfer?

I think the correct way is to make your trucks fixed assets (you still enter it using items - but as fixed assets. This way you can depreciate them, you can do many other things with them as fixed assets. you can even assign drivers to them.)

Delivery can be entered as item - but maintain stock should not be checked, because it is a service and not an inventory item)

On the day of the trip, on the Sales Order record, generate Delivery Slip to signify the trip,

Also on Sales Order record, generate Sales Invoice to bill your customer.

You can accept payments for Sales Invoice also.