Waring Exceptions , too many errors . 96 % scanned

What’s is wrong with my code , i couldn’t understand?
the strange thing that if i skipped this exception the function working

Error message in custom script

try this;


var total_cost_service_calculate = child.hourly_rate * child.time_taken

change set_value to

frappe.model.set_value(cdt,cdn,'total_service_cost', (child.hourly_rate* child.time_taken));

Thanks for your replay.
it didn’t work , that’s what happens
the warning became 97% scanned

as i said , the function working right ,if i pass this Waring

add ; at line 204 and why } at line 206?

i did and it’s same problem

could you share whole code snippets? with Preformatted text

Thank you for your replay , but i solved the problem i don’t how , i didn’t do any thing rather than deleting some unusable variables and commented code , and the warning gone , Thank you for replay again

but if you can told me what this mean " Use of Mutation Events is deprecated. Use MutationObserver instead "

its not related with your code probably (if you aren’t used a Mutation events) its Deprecated

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