Way to aggregate data in different doctypes


I have around 3-4 doctypes which have different information but all linked to a Lead ID. What’s the best possible way to have one doctype which basically displays all information present on other doctypes, for that particular ID ?



If it’s only for the view purpose, then create a report.

What doctypes are you using?
i start to work with erpnext and learned, that if i set up a new lead - and make e.g. opportunity, some fields are the same (e-mail, phone …) and i have to fill them out again manually. pooor!
in this case it would be a nice solution, to have existing data from lead is automatically shown in the other doctypes.

Would be very interested in a solution for that.
thanks also

Hi @quintact
We can improve that. Please open another topic for this comment and let’s flesh it out from there