Way to delete custom field of a form from databse too

On creating a custom field for doctype’s form, the same field gets created in database but on deleting that, the field still exists in database even no entry is there for that field.

Any way to delete that ??

read the thread here

How to do so if I don’t have access to backend

contact the person/people who do have access and have them do it

This seems to be a bad bug. Deleting a custom field should automatically delete the field from the database. If you host on ERPnext/Frappe.cloud you don’t have access to the backend and intuitively the deletion should be also done in the database.

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It’s better you don’t delete from database as it helps you to recover the datat in case an accidental delete

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There should be a field delete facility nevertheless but should be a submittable doctype to keep track of db column deletes so that from the front end there is a way to get it done.

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