Way to differentiate between Desk-pages on multi-tenant site

Good day

Is there a way to differentiate between Desk-pages on a multi tenant site when you have
all the sites open.

Currently, when you are accessing ( e.g.) Purchase invoice on all sites, then
the Tabs on all sites will indicate “Purchase Invoice”.

I don’t want to change “Purchase Invoice” but it will be nice if it had a prefix.
e.g. Wood Purchase Invoice
( if that site is the company that sells Wood ( e.g.)

NB I do not want to do Whitelisting. I have read a few threads about users that want to
change the ERPNext icon etc …etc and build in their own brands. This is not my
intention. I want to retain the ERPNExt branding / logo etc … just simply
add a prefix to the Browser tab

I thought that the Prefix in “Website Settings” will do this but this seems to relate
only to Website pages.

Any ideas ?

You could start with simple customizations on the navbar (changing colors etc).

The easiest would be uploading the logos on each site. Maybe that could start helping? Open Navbar Settings and see.

Thank you for your message @kennethsequeira

I currently do have a navbar logo. And you’re right, that certainly helps.
I shall explore navbar further.