Way to print English as label and Hindi or Kannada as Value In Print Formats

Hi all,

I want to print data in two languages(Print Format) If this is possible please suggest me how to do it.

For examples:

Customer Name(In English): Rahul Chaudhary(In Hindi)
Customer Name(In English): Rohit Kumar(In Kannada)

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Anand Huded

Even I am also looking for this feature how to acheive this.

Custom field should do it.


Tried above but not able to figure it out.

Can you please give me an example.

@rmehta Thanks for the reply. As there is no option in customization for multiple languages.

Will you key in the content in Kannada and Hindi? Or do you want to get even more geeky and call in a translate script that translates into Kannada and Hindi?

If former, simple, add two custom fields and Key in using an appropriate keyboard (Not too sure if ERPNext does a good job saving and reproducing Kannada and Hindi scripts, though) key in the Names in Name Kannada and Name Hindi. This is in the customer master.

Call in these fields too when you make an invoice. Use Print formats and call in these fields into the Print Format and voila, you are good to go!

If you want to do the more geeky stuff, see how you can integrate the Google Translate APIs and calling a custom script, you should be able to translate the contents of one field into another.

How come two of you are looking for the same feature? Is there a regulatory need that both of you are trying to comply with? Just curious!

Hope this helps.



More standard way is on the Foundation roadmap for implementation: Dual Language Invoices - [Paid Development] · Issue #7631 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

@strixaluco Is it possible or no?

It is. Just not implemented yet.
We can start a bounty campaign to make it come sooner.