Way to recover the password in Frappe?

I have a Frappe environment installed in my device, local hosting…
Everything is working well, but I’m currently facing a minor issue.
After taking a short break from using the system, I’m unable to access the site as it indicates that the password is incorrect. I believe I may have forgotten the password for my site.

Is there a way to recover the password in Frappe? I have certain tasks that I previously performed on the site, and I would prefer not to repeat them if possible.

If anyone has knowledge of how to resolve this issue, please provide guidance.

Access the terminal, on your device on which Frappe is installed…
Then, in the frappe_bench path, run the following command:
“which in turn will change the password for the administrator user”

bench set-admin-password {newpassword}
bench --site {sitename} set-admin-password {newpassword}