We dont need Items in Sales Order to reflect as Tasks in Project


ERPNext Version:
ERPNext: v10.1.18 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.16 (master)

We have following scenario.
Organization is a Training institute

While creating a sales order I added following items -

  1. Projector (rental basis).
  2. Expert Trainer
  3. Classroom.
  4. Stationery.
  5. Support post-training (billed in number of hours).

Whereas my tasks for a project are,

  1. Preparation of training material
  2. Evaluating the trainer.
  3. Preparation of tests/assignments.
  4. Travel arrangement for the trainer.
  5. Delivery of training.
  6. Training Feedback.

From above we see that these are two separate lists (one for SKUs and other for Tasks).

In the current version, as soon as I create a project from Sales Order in “To Deliver and Bill” status, Items mentioned in the Sales Order are reflected as Tasks in the newly created Project, which is not our expectation.

Can anyone please suggest a way to achieve this?