We get daily digest but not responses from support tickets

We get daily digest but not responses from support tickets since ERPNext uses only one outbound smtp users how is this possible? Where do we find verbose and understandable logging of the mail flow?

Please refer to the link for information about incoming emails.

Also, in the email account you have append to field which will help you automatically create Issue etc based on incoming emails

This doesn’t explain why i am receiving email for the digest but yet receive no replies for issues. If the ERPNext uses the same mail account for outbound communication and it is validated by executing the save command then presumably i should receive the issues emails for the help desk communication in ERPNext which i do not.

Can you explain what issue you are referring to? or do you have issue number? We can check at our end.

I get emails listed below but when i respond to an issue in ERPNext no response gets delivered if there is one outbound account why are the issues i.e. helpdesk not working and why is email so hard to get working in ERPNext it is a critical component of erp systems there are numerous post on problems related to email it this forum but no definitive guide or documentation on the logging aor mail daemon???
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