We need Default Warehouse in Purchase Receipt

Sometimes purchases are made without a Material Request. That’s hell if you have multiple long lists and receiving at a non-default warehouse.

Has anyone got around this issue?

You can assign default warehouse in item master and system will pick from there

If you operate a single location or have one central location this should be fine. But in a retail setting where each Store (warehouse) is purchasing it’s own stock, you can see how this is not practical.

This will be resolved in v11

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Is this in develop yet?

It’ll do a lot of the community some good. Where do you keep track of the milesones @ushashmi?



This is not the same as what @adam26d is asking for.

What Adam needs is the ability to change default warehouse on every purchase receipt or invoice created.

The issue you referenced will only give you the ability to set up default warehouse at company level. Not at receipt level.


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I believe in that case it can be managed through custom script linked to users permission