We need print/PDF for balance sheet, cash flow and profit/loss report


We need print/PDF for balance sheet, cash flow and profit/loss report.
When we go to print/PDF for the above report then is showing…
Too many columns. Export the report and print it using a spreadsheet application.

How can we solve this issue?

This is the expected behaviour for reports having large number of columns.
Click Export from the menu, and print it using Excel or spreadsheet application of your choice.

Hi @netchampfaris,

I can export using excel sheet.
I want to see in PDF format.
Is it possible?

Perhaps you are checking this report on monthly bases. If there are many columns, and if it knowns at it won’t be accomodates in the single sheet of paper, then it throws this error message. Are you getting this error when seeing this report based on Yearly bases? My guess is it should work fine in set based on Yearly bases.

Hi @umair,

There are showing 12 months results in balance sheet. So there have 12 columns.
I want to know that it is possible to show in PDF for 12 months?

This feature is not available for now. Please create Github Issue for this feature suggestion.

Hi @umair,

I will post at Github.
But I want to know that if I modify code for PDF then where I will change code?
in ERPNext module or frappe module?
I see that in frappe module have print directory

You can use a tool like PDFCreator to print to PDF