We setup ERPNext but some of modules are not working


We setup ERPNext but some of modules are not showing or some of not working properly.
Sometimes we try to open some of module it will showing blank page

If you have any knowledge for resolve this issue please share with me.
I shared some screenshot link for your knowledge…

  1. Please check the console for errors.
  2. Try clearing the cache: Ctrl + Shift+ R

Hi Snv,

I clean the cache many time then after it’s not working
And when i check the console it’s showing me this error.

It seems like you’ve not installed erpnext properly. Did you build the assets?
Execute bench build and ensure the assets of ERPNext are being built.

Hi Snv,

Can you tell me the solution of this or share required steps for resolved this issue…

ensure the following:

  1. erpnext exists in frappe-bench/sites/apps.txt
  2. run bench install-app erpnext
  3. run bench build

For future references: Bench Commands Cheatsheet

you’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: