Web Form - Contact form won't trigger Success URL

I can’t seem to trigger the page that I built as a “Thank You” page. I need to have a unique page fire because I need Google Analytics to see it.

the page “/contact-thank-you” is viewable from the public web and is saved in the Success URL field. I have also emptied the Success Message field. And I have confirmed that I am coming in as Guest.

Any thoughts on how to get the new page to fire?
I am in ERPNext v10.1.47 and Frappe v10.1.45

Hi @MichaelPinkowski maybe this will work for oyu too?

We (“we” being talented developers, NOT me!) solved this a while back. I don’t remember the solution, sorry. But thanks for the follow-up.

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Cool. Please concider marking this thread as solved.

Have a great day.