Web Form doesn't display column break

Hello Team,

I have created a web form for one of the DocType I have made.

Created form is working excellent but it doesn’t come up with Column Break.

They are absolutely fine in DocType.



This is working fine in my test account. Check attached images for the reference.

Web Form (backend):

Web Form:


Hope this helps.

Thanks for your revert,

It is also working fine but Column Break Labels are not seen on live form.


Best of my understanding, it’s hidden by default. Even if we made it visible, it will affect the field alignment for right column. If field belongs to whole together a different category, perhaps you should put in the another section. In one section, best to add all related field, hence column heading won’t be required.

@neilLasrado can you please confirm the column_break label issue?

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It is one of the solution. By that way problem is resolved.