Web Form into html modal

Hi there,
I’m Denisa and this new on this “Discuss” forum, and as you’ll also see, new on frappe :).

I’m trying to do something, and couldn’t find anything about that.
As a resume, I have built a website, and from the home page, I have a custom buttom, wich is oppening a bootstrap modal.
In desk side I have a web form created, connected to a doctype. Everything is working perfect so far.
bcause I don’t want to open th webform into a new page, my question is how can I attach the web page form to the opening modal. I want that webform, to be loaded into the model when opening.

Thank you in advance to all of you
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you can use iframe html

  1. Add field with type html
  2. set field html at triger on_load
  3. set html like this :
    <iframe src="url" title="description">
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Thank you for you reply, Misbah!
I’ve already tried that, but this will load into m modal, the full webpage form including header and footer page, instead I need just the form to be loaded :frowning:

Any other idea, would be great,
Thank you

That is starting to look like a solution, just needs a few more adjustments.
Will come and mark that as a solution after final confiration.
Thank you, Misbah!

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