Web form submit button link redirect

I’m new to frappe cloud.
I’m using frappe v13. I have created a form. After the submission of form, I wanna redirect to the web page link. If there is any way to do it please let me know.
I’m really stuck on this.


Hi @Ankur_Jolaniya

There’s a section called ‘Actions’ on the Web Form document where you can specify the Success URL (this is the url that the Web Form redirects to upon successful submission)

Kindly post back here if it works for you. Last time I tried, the redirect function wasn’t working in V13


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Hey Thanks @wale ,
I have tried that. But the redirect function wasn’t working.
Is there any other way to do it? Or i have to install a old version?

Did you solve it?

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It works in version 12.
Has it been submitted to github issue?

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YES Solved

Yea its working on version 13 too.