Web Form Success Message URL For Tracking

Regarding WEB FORMS which are filled out without people needing to login.

We noticed that when using webforms in ERPNext we are able to add a success message after the form submission which is great, but the URL stays the same.


Home - Catalyst88 (APPLICATION PAGE)


SUCCESS PAGE: Shows same URL with Success Message Home - Catalyst88

The Continue button can be routed to a new page, but for conversion pixel tracking it would be nice to have the thank you/success page to have a different URL.

If this is an existing feature I would appreciate any direction on how to solve this.

If not I would be willing to pay to have someone add this funciton to the core.

At your service,

Steve Simonson

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Same here with version 12

I think this had been solved in the newer version-12 beacuse I am able to redirect to a web page as success page.

But I prefer to have a checkbox in the webpage (or better in the webform) doctype to set if the success page (or any pages) can only be accessed from the webform (or from certain other pages).

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