Web form to post through javascrpit to backend

I am wanting each customer to fill out a form on my website.

This is to serve several diffirent things depending on the form filled out.

A few questions that I have?

  1. Do I have to do the website generator?
  2. Can I use the Doctype to put a webform online for people to use and sign up?
    Does this mean that I have to use a javascript that I design myself(im pretty weak at it)
    I want this doctype to not only take customer info but also perform other tasks

Use Web Form in ERPNext. you can create web form to record customer input it will save data in erpnext.

Can I connect the webform to python.

When a customer presses submit, then an automated process takes place. Also can it be used to do something like. Have the form in erpnext, then create a custom app which does another task?

Can you define what is it that you want to achieve exactly?

I have gotten done with my school final so sorry for my late reply. I have created a for now a basic app for sound and video production and I want to begin to sell it later on. Something That i have not been able to figure out is how to set up a customer and automate it like django and other web apps. I have not really studied django even though there is more documentation on it. I am looking for a way to program a web page to sign up a customer and make it automated. I have not seen a guide on how to do this part. I have read that web forms just store info. If you can point me in the right direction that would be swell. I posted this on frappe since I do not use erpnext but there is a lot more users here.

Example erpnext.com, easywebinar.com, godaddy com,