Web Form Validation Script not working properly (V14)

Dear community,

I am testing web form in V14. What I am testing is pretty simple.

I have a form with 1 check box, and if the box is not checked, it should show error message. Here is the script I have on the Client Script section of the web form.

frappe.web_form.validate = () => {
    let data = frappe.web_form.get_values();
    if (!data.checked) {
        frappe.msgprint('No Checked');
        return false;
    return true;

The validation is checked, but the message do not persist on screen. Anything is incorrect here?


have you got solution, i have same problem

From what I have been following, it was a bug but fixed and merged. But I didn’t test yet.

same issue here dear brothers, after the error message pop up it disappears and also check the console log you can see there is an error.

Update to v14.14.0+ first. Seems to work fine now.