Web from list view not displaying list correctly

I have created a web from from a doctype and the form displays correctly on the website.
The problem I’m having is that the list view from the doctype is not displaying correctly.

It shows only list of links that did not render correctly.

See screenshot

Appreciate any assistance!!!


Web Form is a tool to generate a form like a Contact Us form which will help you collect data from your website visitors. Can you please share your usecase for this requirement, and how Web Form is configured to render list view? Screenshots will be helpful aswell.

Thanks Umair

I have a created a doctype for users to book appointments online, I also created a web form for the same doctype for customers to login and book appointments by themselves. I need a lits view for customers to display their bookings, the web from creates the view I have attached in the screenshot above which contains links that open edit view for each apportionment .

The problem is that this list view is not fetching data and displays {{title}} place holder for the edit links.
How can I make this list display actual appointment data ???

Thanks for your help

Check Portal Settings in the Website module to learn how to enable list view for the custom doctypes. However, this will require your customer to login.