Web Page URL auto generate problem

My page Title in Vietnamese, when I create a new page, it auto generate a URL which is not exist
When I access my page URL it popout.

Page missing or moved
We are very sorry for this, but the page you are looking for is missing (this could be because of a typo in the address) or moved.

Other thing, when I edit that URL, it not change to new one it always the first URL that was auto-generated

Which version are you using?

We have made page (Page Name) property editable in version 5.

I’m run V5 beta, it’s editable but I can not access either to the Original URL it auto-generated and the custom URL

@dtran Update v5 and try now, just fixed a bug

Thank you so much, it work now, I can access the Page and the custom URL also work.
Here’s another Bug I think
When I click on my Menu to the Product page
then when I visit other Page via the Menu, it auto add the /all-item-groups pattern to the URL so it end up with
When I click to the Home page this not happen again.
I think something wrong with the routing when I click into the Product then the Page