Web site CSS not loading properly

Hi! I have problems with my erpnext installation, for example, the filters in the product page does not seams right, is not fully loaded, is not showing the checkbox, and another thing that I notice is there is not a gray backgroud either.

Any help would be very appreciated!
(sorry my English is not that good)


Can you provide further information, such as which version are you using, are console-errors in your browser shown?

Hi Patrick!! thanks for the reply! no errors in the console, and the version is:

the console:

What are the 8 Problems noted in your screen shot? Also, have you customized the css in anyway?

sorry I missed that:

It is a new fresh installation, I even tried to create a new site form scratch and the same result, I have a multitenant via dns enviroment.

The first error in that screenshot is where you should focus. This looks like a potential issue in the code that renders the dom for that filter feature. As I understand it from my quick search of that specific error, the html code is missing some definitions that help the css to render the checkboxes, radio buttons, and menu dropdowns. Which is why they are not properly displaying. From one of your earlier screen shots, you can see the checkbox is there, it just isnt’ styled correctly. If you upgraded these sites, that could explain it, but I think that’s where your problem lies.

Was the ERPNEXT instance a fresh install of version 13 or upgraded from a previous version?

hi @njb! no, this is a really fresh installation, what do you suggest??

Try to upgrade with frappe/erpnext 13.2 , should fix many css issues. It worked for me for certain doc types

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yes!! I have updated and no more problems! thanks!

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