Web update for a new item

Hello all,
With regards to adding a new item, is there a module or a third party like pos awesome, that can search for a new item based on its bar code or an item search to pull in the information for the item? For example, I have a quilt shop customer that adds a bundle of new yarn, and would like to be able to either scan the barcode or search for that item and pull in the price, barcode, photo etc…thank you for the support


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@bkm Thought of you when I saw this post. Any suggestions/ideas?

Hmm… “Better late then never” is not really the appropriate response here. I have been absent from the forums for several months and never logged in to see the questions and issues people are facing.

Please accept my humble apology.

@Cyberseal89 , I am not sure exactly what you are asking here, and you may have already found your solution (if so please do poat back with your fix).

However, as I read your question I am not sure if you are asking for a way add new items to the database (i.e. create new items for sale) - or - if you are asking about how best to search for items to add to a sales cart.

Since the question leans more toward the “sales cart” scenario, I will tell you that POS Awesome does what you are asking natively without any modifications. Once selected into the cart it also has a link that takes the user to the Item record for even more details if needed.

Currently the search feature of POS Awesome searches in order of barcode, item name, description.