Webform - Child Table not showing


I have 2 Documents, namely the ff:

  1. Job Applicant
  2. Education

Wherein Education is a child table of Job Applicant. When I create a webform, it only shows job applicant fields without the child table (Education). Is this possible? Or am I doing anything wrong?

You’ll need to create a field in Job Applicant with type Table and option Education in order to have the child table show up.

Hope this helps!

Hi @alec_ruizramon1, Yes I already have a child table and it’s showing in the desktop. However, I’m trying to create a website WebForm and the field doesn’t show in the options.

@reinduque, webform dont support Table or Link fields

Thanks. Maybe I should just do this over javascript and API.

Apologies for misunderstanding - did not realize this was a webform and not in desk!

Make sure you click on Get Fields again.

then you can look at this pull request:

This was actually already merged in a beta release. But its only two lines of code which you can easily implement. We have it working on our production setup.