Webform integration


I want to implement a webform from the CRM module to collect data from my wordpress website.

Previously i used vTiger CRM and webforms was very easy to generate and implement in the website , but in ERP Next it’s different . i don’t see where i can get the code to implement it inside my wordpress website ( or any kind of websites doesn’t matter )

hope some one can help me


Any updates ?

This feature is not available out of the box. You’ll have to pay someone to build it (and hopefully contribute it to core).

Thanks for your reply,

It’s strange that it’s not available out of the box, all of the basic CRMs has it.

For what it’s worth, ErpNext is not a “basic CRM”, it is an ERP.

How can i receive the requests of the clients from my website directly to the CRM ? or at least to the leads ?

You may setup support module such that when they email to support@yourdomain.com , ERPNext can create a support ticket. Which then you can process it. Also you can examine this sample page which has a detailed form Contact Us on github GitHub - erpnext/foundation: Website for ERPNext Foundation .

@Islam_Moustafa you can setup the website in ERPNext and it will allow you create public webform
But ERPNext wont provide a mechanism for these webforms be embeddable in other websites

If you want that, you will need to work on a integration

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thank you all for you replies, it was really helpful .

i still couldnt figure out how to do it the way i do it in Odoo, but i’m still working on it

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Hi @Islam_Moustafa,

Do you need the webform to be integrated to other platform?
If not, (in contrary to what you said) ERPNext does have webform creation built-in. You can go to Website module and find webform or webpage there. Even you can create a full fledge website as the frontend, closed group interaction, or internal interaction.

Or to be extreme, use frappe only as web development platform (such as WP).

Hope this help.