Webform List shows {{ title }} per item

Hi all,

I have a custom DocType “Partnership Ticket” which has a Web Form “Parnership Ticket”, both are bundled as standard in a custom app. The Web Form is enabled to have multiple entries. Each record has a title field.

Now, in the portal, when I open the list endpoint, it shows {{ title }} per item:

How can this be modified to actually show the title? What am I missing?

Many thanks for any input!

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So it turned out that the issue was the name of the DocType. It was named “Partnership Ticket”. As soon as the white-space was removed to “Partnershipticket”, it works like a charm.

I therefore propose the following bug:

  • on web forms, the list view does not work if the DocType name contains any whitespaces

Affects Frappe v10.1.39/ERPNext v10.1.42 and similar.